I'm a Los Angeles-based designer, illustrator and artist. While I've focused primarily on graphic design in my professional life, I've also done illustration, pattern design, product design, interior design and creative writing. I co-founded and owned Grow Inc., a company that designed, manufactured and sold kids’ clothing, bedding and other products both retail and wholesale. I invented and sold a breastfeeding support pillow (branded as Nuzzle, then Honeysuckle), and I also designed patterns and products for CB2, Crate&Barrel's modern retail offshoot.

My current works combine my lifelong love of pattern and shape with my interest in ephemera — paper pieces intended to be discarded, but when they survive the decades are perfectly indicative of the time and place from whence they came. I collect mid-century ephemera in particular, and I use vintage books, magazines, and industrial tidbits in my pieces. I'm inspired by old maps—both for the physical manifestations of time and place that they represent and for the beautiful organic shapes made by the crisscrossing roads, rivers and railroad tracks—and they feature prominently in my art. 

I'm also interested in the curation and presentation of collections, regardless of the "value" of the items. I enjoy making pieces of art out of the items that people gather over the course of their lives — items that tell a story about the person who collected them. Matchbooks, photos, paper clips, stamps, ticket stubs... all these things represent a time and place that has meaning for the collector. Their stories can transcend their lifetimes when the items are made into visual art.